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Integrity Bookkeeping Solutions is committed to providing our clients with a full suite of bookkeeping services in the most efficient and gracious manner possible.


We embrace TECHNOLOGY and access your books remotely, which means you don’t have to provide the space and equipment necessary for an in-house bookkeeper. Remote access means we can work on your books at any time so you don’t have to add another meeting to your busy schedule.

We securely share files and communicate in real-time to provide you with the up-to-date information you need to stay on top of your company’s finances. We take care of your books so you can focus on building your business.

When it comes to your books, we know SPEED is of the essence. The faster we get your financial information updated, the farther you can advance your business’s objectives. Plus, the money we save you on your bookkeeping bill adds to your bottom line. Win-win.

Though we work as quickly as possible on your books, we always maintain a high standard of PRECISION. As the famous college basketball coach John Wooden liked to say, “Be quick but don’t hurry.” We will never cut corners for the sake of expediency. We work quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Like our name says, we place a high value on INTEGRITY. We’ll keep your books in complete compliance with federal and state law. We are excellent bookkeepers, but that doesn’t mean we are perfect people. If we make mistakes, we will always own up to them and make them right. We believe that humility helps build positive and trusting relationships.

We want to build strong, personal relationships with our clients, and we believe RESPECT is a key building block. We know that many business owners are not experts in bookkeeping, so we’ll never criticize you for not understanding payroll taxes or needing to ask questions about your financial reports. We focus on giving our clients the kindness and understanding they deserve.

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